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The plots in Dolni Lomnice are situated in a quiet and easily accessible location on the edge of a preserved country estate. Prevailing air currents from the southwest are filtered and enriched with oxygen in the forest parks south of Popovice and Kamenice. Exceptional integration in the landscape makes us forget that Prague is nearby.
Villages with developed infrastructures in the immediate neighborhood.
The microregion of Josef Lada, formed of countryside between the capital city Prague and the river Sázava, offers beautiful nature with picturesque villages and ideal opportunities for pleasant trips. The region is named after the famous painter, illustrator and writer Josef Lada, who was once inspired by the local countryside and its picturesque villages.
There is a wide range of opportunities for tourism, sports and entertainment. There are opportunities for cycling, swimming, golf, tennis and many other activities. Chateau Berchtold in Kunice offers sports, attractions for children and adults, a number of bicycle paths, easily access to the area of Posazava – these are only some of many opportunities for leisure activities in close contact with the beautiful surrounding countryside, which knows no better in any other direction so close to Prague

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