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Aerial photos

Aerial photos

Aerial photos of the location in Dolni Lomnice – Kunice, taken June 6, 2010. Views are from the south, southeast and east. See the location on the land map in the project description..

Visualization examples – plots 26-29
Visualization examples – plots 40-44
Visualization examples – plots 57-60

Architectural studies

Visualization studies of potential architectural design of buildings at the site. Plots 26 – 29, 40 – 44 and 57 – 60.
(© Ing. akad. arch. Petr Foglar,
Ing. arch. Zuzana Foglarová).

Site Photos

Site photos

Photos of the location Dolni Lomnice – Kunice taken in October 2010. The panoramic image is taken from the upper northwest edge of the site towards the southeast. Other images are views to the southern and eastern directions (from the forest toward Dolni Lomnice), to the northern and northwestern directions (from the road to the southern slope) and to the northern direction to the southern slope below the road.